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Answers to most questions can be found in our reference materials: *Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the free viewer here.

For BMW and Mini repair and troubleshooting information, please see the Bavarian Technic Wiki.


If the references above do not answer your question, send support requests to:.
Please include the following with your request:
    1. Make, model, year, and variation (example: 2002 BMW 330xi)
    2. Complete description of the problem
    3. Bavarian Technic software version
    4. Your contact information
You can also reach us by phone:
  • In North America, toll free: 1-800-448-0270
  • International calls: +1-541-306-3522
Our office hours are 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time (GMT-0800)