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Question: Why can't I download the software?
Answer: This is typically an issue when using the Microsoft Edge browser. See this page for detailed instructions.

Question: What cars does your software work on?
Answer: We are constantly adding support for more models, but our main focus has been on late model BMW and MINI cars including the latest DCAN-based cars. For a complete list of model coverage, please see our Model/Feature Matrix.

Question: Does this software work on European Specification or cars sold outside of the USA?
Answer: Yes, this software works on all models we support regardless of the country in which the car was originally purchased.

Question: Can this software recalibrate the mileage?
Answer: On some models the software can be used to synchronize the current mileage with the LCM, but this can only be done to instrument clusters with less than 250km.

Question: Can the software reset the service reminder? The car’s instrument cluster says "Maintenance is due in xxx miles."
Answer: Yes, the Bavarian Technic software can clear the service reminder on most newer BMW vehicles. Some pre-1995 models use a special tool for clearing the service reminder and these are not supported by Bavarian Technic.

Question: What is the warranty?
Answer: Hardware purchased from Bavarian Technic is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from receipt by the end-user. All defective hardware must be returned to us at the customer's expense. Bavarian Technic will ship repaired or replacement goods to the customer at our expense using a comparable method of shipment. This warranty does not cover any damage caused by neglect or misuse.

Question: What about updates?
Answer: If you purchase an interface adapter from us you are entitled to free software updates for as long as you own the hardware.

Question: What can Bavarian Technic software do for my car?
Answer: You can read diagnostic trouble codes with their descriptions, and reset the indicator light for most systems. You can also read real time data, activate components, and much more. For more details check our Model/Feature Matrix.

Question:Can I use a power inverter to power my computer from the car's 12-Volt system when using Bavarian Technic?
Answer:No! Power inverters must not be used. Damage to your car, Bavarian Technic, or the computer is possible. Bavarian Technic's warranty does not cover damage caused by the use of a power inverter.

Question: Does the software allow you to readout the ECU's memory?
Answer: In some cases certain stored data is available for read-only. Example: You can read the VIN number that is associated with the DME, though you cannot change it.

Question: Why do you use USB cables?
Answer: USB is standard on all laptops made for the last 4 years while serial ports are almost non-existent.

Question: What type of USB port is required?
Answer: The Bavarian Technic hardware is compatible with both USB 1.0 and USB 2.0.

Question: Can I use this hardware with other software or other makes of cars?
Answer: Our USB cable for BMW should never be plugged into any other car. Our adapter uses BMW pins and may cause damage to other cars or the adapter.

Question: Can the software be installed on more than one computer?
Answer: Yes, you can install the software on as many computers as you like and you can always download the latest version from our website.

Question: If one end of the cable plugs into the computer, what does the other end of the cable plug into?
Answer: The other end of the cable plugs into the car’s diagnostic port. This is the same port as used by OBDII. Our cable was only designed to work on BMW cars and should not be plugged into any other type of vehicle.

Question: Do you have a way to plug into cars with a round, 19-pin diagnostic connector?
Answer: Yes, we make an adapter that converts the 19-pin plug in the car to a female OBDII diagnostic connector. This allows the software to be used on cars built before model year 2000.

Question: I have a car with a round diagnostic connector and an OBDII connector. What connector should I use?
Answer: When BMW models (1996-1999) have both types of connector the the round connector should be used. The rectangular OBDII connector only provides access to the car’s engine module.

Question: How is the Bavarian Technic software installed?
Answer: The software uses a standard Microsoft Installer (.msi) package. Browse to the Downloads page. There you will find links for the USB cable drivers and Bavarian Technic program. You can run the installation directly from the website or save the .msi files to your computer and run them from there.

Question: What are the pre-requisites needed to install the Bavarian Technic BMW program?
Answer: Your computer must meet or exceed the system requirements listed here. Your computer will need to have the Bavarian Technic USB drivers installed, as well as the Microsoft® .NET Framework version 3.5 sp1. For more information and software downloads, please see the Download page.

Question: How do I download updates?
Answer: You can check for updates by clicking on the Check for Updates option of the Tools menu within the software (requires an internet connection) or by visiting the Downloads page. To update the software, you must first uninstall the previous version via the Windows Control Panel and then install the updated software from the Bavarian Technic Downloads page.

Question: I installed the program from your website but now I cannot find the program on my computer. How do I start the program?
Answer: A desktop icon is automatically created upon successful installation of the program. You can start the program by double-clicking the desktop icon, or by clicking the Windows button and finding Bavarian Technic in the Programs menu.

Question: I bought a cable on ebay. Can I use it with your software?
Answer: The tool can only be used with genuine Bavarian Technic cables. There are some imitation cables on the market that will not work with our software. We highly recommend purchasing the tool direct from us or an authorized distributor.

Question:Can I activate components while viewing actual values?
Answer: Yes! From the Actual Values screen click on the Activations tab to select the component to activate. This feature is not supported on all control modules.