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Early Release
With the initial release of the Bavarian Technic Diagnostic Tool for BMW, we embark upon the next phase of what has been a long-term endeavor. The tool for BMW has been a “work-in-progress” for over two years, consuming thousands of hours in both research and development. Since the very beginning, we set our sights on releasing a product that is powerful, comprehensive, and yet easy to use. Relatively speaking, we believe we are finally nearing that goal.

With the initial release, we offer a product that is faster than the factory tool; a product that includes powerful diagnostic utilities, has comprehensive coverage, and remains intuitive and easy to use. Our tool for BMW is all of these things. This does not mean, however, that the product is perfect, far from it.

The Bavarian Technic Diagnostic Tool for BMW is still new. The development process is still far from complete. The product we offer today – while capable of connecting to and diagnosing hundreds of control units in dozens of different models – is not yet finished. As with all software that is new, you are likely to uncover some minor issues with Bavarian Technic that we have not yet encountered to remedy. Because of this, our work on the product – including bug fixes and additional coverage, continues without slowing. We offer the product now due to demand from customers across the globe. However, because of the ongoing development, we offer the product today at a discounted, early release introductory price.

To date, the focus of our development has been on late-model cars. The result of this is broader coverage for those cars, with somewhat less coverage on the earlier models. Bavarian Technic recognizes that there is more work to do. Our current list of improvements includes:
  • Expand coverage for pre-1998 cars
  • Deepen coverage on control modules currently supported
  • Add the capability to code more control units
  • Broaden coverage for diesel engines beyond the most common models
  • Add support for other languages – first German, then other languages
  • Improve overall coverage for Mini R56
The status of model coverage can always be found on our Model/Feature Matrix.

With input from our testers and customers around the world, we continue to add items to our development list. Your input is very important to us. We want to hear your requests for functionality and coverage, and we want to know if there is any way we might improve the product overall. With improvements in mind, and with your feedback, we expect to release updated software frequently. All software updates are available to you — free of charge— from our web site.

We thank you for your confidence in Bavarian Technic. We strive to offer great products at a reasonable price and hope we can be of service to you - now and for years to come.