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Professional Kit

This kit was designed for professionals that need to work on every type of BMW/Mini and includes everything you need to work on every car we support.
Unlike our Enthusiast version, there is no vehicle limit with the professional version.
  • 1 Bavarian Technic Diagnostic cable for BMW and Mini
  • 1 round, 20-pin adapter for use on BMW before 2001
  • 1 50' extension cable
  • Installation instructions
  • Molded plastic storage case
  • Future software updates

The Professional version can be used on an unlimited number of BMW and MINI automobiles.
The Professional version supports Coding and Command Console features.
The Professional version can be configured to display workshop information so that print-outs can be given to the customer with your shop details.
Enthusiast Package

This package is designed for the BMW/Mini enthusiast who performs maintenance on their own car. It offers most of the same great features as our professional kit, but only works on up to 3 cars.
  • 1 Bavarian Technic Diagnostic cable for BMW and Mini
  • 1 round, 20-pin adapter for use on BMW before 2001 (optional)
  • Installation instructions
  • Future software updates

The Enthusiast version stores the vehicle identification number of the car it is attached to into the hardware. This limits the use of the tool to three(3) cars.
The Enthusiast version cannot be programmatically upgraded to professional versions. (Upgrades available through a return only.)
The Enthusiast version does not have access to Coding or Command Console features.
May not have access to some activations that should only be used by professionals.
Workshop information is not available in the Enthusiast version.

Three Vehicle Limit

We are often asked why we choose to limit the Enthusiast version to three vehicles. Our goal was to offer the most comprehensive software available for a reasonable price. When comparing the price of our tool we found that it is only a fraction of the price of our competitors. By limiting the software to three vehilces, we are able to offer a less expensive solution to individuals. The system works by storing the VIN number of each car it's connected to into the cable's firmware. Once the cable has been used on three cars, it can only be used on those same three cars.