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Actual Values

Bavarian Technic software will display actual values from supported control modules. Actual values are real-time data values received directly from the control unit, typically sampled when the car is running. You can use the actual values for troubleshooting or maintenance procedures.
  • The Actual Values feature reads values direct from the control unit and displays them on the screen in real-time.
  • Actual Values are also known as "Diagnostic Requests" in factory systems
  • Values are displayed on a graph, digitally, or both.
  • Multiple values can be selected for simultaneous display.
  • Sampled values can be recorded in Excel* or CSV format for later reference.
  • Input signals are now part of the actual values display.
    • Input signals differ from actual values because they typically show Boolean values like "On/Off", "Open/Closed", and "Yes/No."
    • Input signals display the status of switches and controls.
  • The Activations tab found under the Actual Values option gives you the ability to activate supported components within the car while sampling actual values.
  • The Options tab allows you to change the display, start and stop sampling, and save sampled values to a file.
To see a list of models and control units that support actual values, please check our Model/Feature Matrix.

Here is an example of the Actual Values screen:

Bavarian Technic for BMW Actual Value / Diagnostic request screenshot

Warning! Actual values should never be used in a moving vehicle. All actual values are approximate.
*Requires the Microsoft Excel application