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BMW Diagnostic Connectors

All BMW's built since 1988 have a diagnostic connector. The early diagnostic connectors are circular, have 20 pins with a small pie-shapped hole in the middle, and are located in the engine compartment. In 1996 BMW started adding OBD2 connectors for North American market cars. BMW's early use of the OBD2 connector provided access to the engine control module only. Starting in July of 2000, BMW removed the round diagnostic connectors and began provding all diagnostic capabilites through the OBD2 connector. Exceptions were the E38 7-series and Z3 models which used the round diagnostic connector to the end of their production.

If your car has the round diagnostic connector under the hood, you should use the round adapter and not the 16 pin OBD2 connector. Note that not all models below are currently supported by the Bavarian Technic tool. See the Model Feature Matrix for a list of supported models.

Model Chassis Connector Type
3-Series 1988-1992 E30 Round Connector
3-Series 1992-1999 E36 Round Connector
3-Series 1998-2000 E46 Round Connector
3-Series 2001-2006 E46 OBD2 Connector under dash left side
3-Series 2005-2009 E90 OBD2 Connector behind cover on kick panel
5-Series 1989-1995 E34 Round Connector
5-Series 1996-2000 E39 Round Connector
5-Series 2001-2003 E39 OBD2 Connector
5-Series 2004-2009 E60 OBD2 Connector behind cover on kick panel
7-Series 1988-1994 E32 Round connector
7-Series 1995-2001 E38 Round connector
7-Series 2001-2008 E60 OBD2 Connector behind cover on left kick panel
Z3 All E36 Round connector
Z4 All E85-E89 OBD2
Z8 2000-2001 E52 Round Connector
Z8 2002-2003 E52 OBD2
X3 All E83 OBD2
X5 1999-2001 E53 Round connector
X5 2002-2009 E53 OBD2
MINI Cooper All R50-R56 OBD2

Here are some pictures of round connectors:
Here is a 540i (E39)

Here is a 325i (E46)